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    Integrated Energy Services

    Tomorrow’s Energy It Is All Connected

    Industrial Energy Saving

    Based on our smart energy efficiency management platform, we use industrial big data analysis technology to realize the visual management and dynamic monitoring of various energy sources. We also provide comprehensive energy saving solutions to give enterprises greater control over their energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

    Smart energy efficiency management platform

    Energy saving modifications of equipment

    Industrial energy saving products

    Central Air-Conditioning

    During low electricity consumption periods, use low electricity pricing and turn on combined cooling/heating unit to store energy in the form of cold water (or hot water); during the day, the stored cold energy (heat) is released, reducing peak-hour electricity consumption of the air-conditioning system and achieving “peak shaving and valley filling” of the power system. This reduces the initial investment of the conventional cooling/heating system, reduces electricity costs and optimizes the load curve.

    Energy saving air-conditioning system

    Emergency cold storage unit

    Power plant control system

    Cooling/heating energy services

    Newly built energy storage facility

    Regional virtual peak shaving unit

    Smart Water Treatment Lean Operation Solution

    Goldwind’s smart water treatment lean operation solution includes electrical automatic control system, W-DAS precise aeration system, intelligent dosing and other process optimization systems, and W-SES smart operations cloud platform, providing an all-in-one service integrating design, construction, and O&M. This solution comprehensively solves wastewater treatment companies’ high O&M costs under the high standards and requirements of the government’s environmental protection policies by helping users build a digital low-carbon wastewater treatment plant.

    Prediction model

    Constructs a mathematical model based on the wastewater treatment plant’s historical data combined with relevant data from the International Water Association

    Aeration model

    Combining the principles of oxygen conservation and oxygen mass transfer model, calculates oxygen uptake rate (OUR) and required aeration volume in real-time through data from online instruments

    Distributed deployment

    The central platform adopts the SpringCloud microservice infrastructure to ensure load balance

    Data security

    Heightens data security level using MQTT protocol in data transmission

    Energy Storage Solution

    Goldwind’s energy storage solution is an all-in-one distributed energy storage system that integrates modular software and hardware. With features such as space-saving, flexible installation, remote management and control, it realizes standardized operations by storing and releasing energy in response to different scenarios to meet different energy demand and effectively reduce operation risks and operating costs.

    Power Generation

    • Smooth power fluctuations
    • Plan tracking
    • Increased new energy penetration rate
    • Spinning reserve

    Transmission and Distribution

    • Frequency adjustment
    • Grid peak shaving
    • Transmission congestion relief
    • Delayed upgrade of transmission and distribution systems

    Electricity Consumption

    • Peak shaving and valley filling
    • Power quality improvement
    • Power supply reliability support
    • Renewable energy utilization
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