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    Integrated Energy Services

    Tomorrow’s Energy It Is All Connected

    Electricity Trading

    Drawing on extensive experience in energy resources and electricity trading, Goldwind provides convenient and efficient electricity wholesale, retail trading, green electricity certificate trading, carbon emission trading and other types of energy trading solutions for electricity users, sellers and other market players through its own online energy trading platform. We also provide electricity use consulting, mobile O&M, comprehensive energy saving and other specialized value-added services. We help electricity users reduce costs, be more environment-friendly and improve energy efficiency, and help electricity sellers increase customer stickiness, reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

    Electricity trading consulting

    Provides professional consultations on electricity trading policies, regulations and solutions

    Electricity pricing package

    Provides diversified and customized pricing packages according to clients' electricity consumption to fulfill different needs

    Trading management

    Provides suitable trading strategies and optimizes trading management process to achieve competitive pricing

    Load forecasting

    Provides accurate and efficient, short-, mid- and long-term load forecasting services using data-driven forecasting technology

    Market entry support

    Assists clients in entering the power trading market, and coordinates government, power grid, trading center and other resources

    Information services

    Provides clients with meteorological, trading, energy efficiency, market and other information

    Energy Diagnosis

    To help clients maximize energy conservation potential and determine energy management needs, Goldwind provides convenient and efficient energy assessments, energy profiles, energy planning, energy management as well as other online and offline energy diagnosis services. We help enterprises establish an internal energy consumption evaluation index to ensure compliance with monitoring, reporting and verification requirements, and avoid economic and non-compliance risks.

    Electricity Bill Management

    Goldwind provides comprehensive solutions that include market-oriented electricity trading, demand management and power quality management to help clients reduce enterprise electricity tariffs, PF-adjusted charges and overall energy consumption costs while actual electricity consumption remains unchanged. Through energy regulation measures and suppressing impact load, we are able to accurately control the load and optimize electricity costs.

    Energy Consumption Management

    Goldwind provides enterprises with professional value-added energy-saving and cost-saving services, such as the comprehensive management of energy procurement, energy consumption, energy efficiency of equipment, energy usage and government energy-saving assessments. We also provide funds to upgrade technology and equipment.

    Green Supply Chain

    Goldwind has established a set of green procurement standards to promote the sustainable development of the wind energy supply chain and encourage suppliers to be a part of our commitment to a green transformation of the industry. Our selection, audit, training, risk assessment of suppliers are based on our green procurement philosophy.

    Smart Campus

    Goldwind Smart Campus integrates technical modules such as operating system, centralized control, smart portal/application to provide energy, office space, lifestyle, culture, management, health and other services tailored to the energy demand of different industrial parks. The green ecological system effectively increases the campus’s energy efficiency and operational efficiency, promoting information resource sharing and business collaborations.

    Smart Campus
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